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Ravenblade Cheapter 2


In a land where magic is all but forgotten, in an isolated town, one lonely boy is about to have a rude awakening, and discover that the past is not as gone as it might seem.

The Adventures of Macen Karmyne: Im Land Des Drachen


This is only the first chapter of my story. I'm looking for creative criticism and opinions on whether or not I should continue the story.

World of Elfdrach

Brian john christian

An on going epic fantasy adventure with many magical twists.

The Dragon's Walk by: Teila Silverstar

Lana Lambert

A story written by me to introduce a new type dragon and how to obtain one, How and why they took "The Dragon's Walk"

Seven Levels of Insanity Chapter 2

Jonathan Park

Adam Ignotus finally gets released from his brief interrogation from a psychopathic woman called Mary. His next and first session commences when Mary leads him to his dorm.... and the first 'level' didn't even start yet for him.

Survival- Chapter 1


Octavia has lost both her parents due to a fire mysteriously set onto their home. Now left to protect her two younger brothers, Aiden and Lucas, she must find a way to survive on the dangerous streets of Arcadia.

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